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  • Vapour diffuser
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Approved For Use Against COVID-19

Aseptic Plus+ continuously decontaminates the air and surfaces using an innovative cold-air micro-mist diffusion system. Significantly reduces the number of airborne and surface microorganisms and volatile organic compounds in indoor and in-vehicle spaces. Approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

  • Fast installation

  • 12 month guarantee

  • Easy, low-cost liquid re-orders

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Your four key questions

Is your unit a single use or a lifetime fitment?

Our unit is permanently installed in a vehicle or premises. The Aseptic solution needs refilling every three to four months

Why choose your product over others on the web?

Our product is certified by the EPA and is approved as effective against COVID-19.

Has this product been tested?

Yes, Cavendish Laboratories in Chelmsford found a 99.85% reduction against living organisms (bacteria, yeast, fungi & mould).

Is this a fogger?

No, foggers sanitise the air and is only a temporary solution. Our product KILLS the bacteria and is constantly effective set by a programmable system.

Ionised Vapour

This technology is an 'always-on' air and surface sanitiser suitable for any interior space where the transmission of contagion by air and surfaces is considered a risk. This includes but is not limited to vehicles, waiting rooms, hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms, cruise ships, offices and any indoor space with a group of people in close proximity. Airborne and surface microorganisms can be generated by coughing, sneezing, or aerosolising bacteria which has settled on surfaces. The active ingredient of our Aseptic Plus+ sanitiser meets intense health and safety standards and comes complete with a detailed data sheet providing clear and conclusive toxicity reports. This option poses zero risk to health and is completely non-irritant. In fact, it is so safe that is shares the same toxicity as water itself. The ionised vapour is distributed instantly across the airspace and kills bacteria and viruses on contact both in the air and on surfaces, neutralising the threat.  


  • Lightweight, robust units that can be installed out of reach
  • Operating levels set based on cubic meters and air saturation levels
  • Effective odour neutraliser
  • Programmable on and off times for full automation removing the need for any human intervention
  • Uses innovative cold air micro-mist diffusion system
  • Refill cartridges despatched to your door
  • Fluid levels managed with occasional checks to ensure your system does not run dry

  • Installed in small work van

    Installed in small work van

  • Aseptic unit installed in a lorry

    In the cab of a lorry

  • Barber shop with Aseptic Plaus+

    Two units in a barber shop

  • Aseptic Plus+ in a vehicle

    In a private hire vehicle

  • Aseptic Plus + Installed behind a taxi bulkhead

    Installed behind a taxi bulkhead

  • Aseptic Plus installed in a funeral car

    In funeral cars

  • Aseptic Plus+ installed in a funeral car

    Installed in a funeral car

  • Aseptic Plus installed in a private ambulance

    In private ambulances

  • Aseptic Plus installed in a private ambulance

    In private ambulances

  • Ascetic Plus+ treated two areas of a vehicle

    One unit treating two areas


    How does it work?

    This technology works simply via a time switch that activates the unit's operation at whatever times necessary, whether your business runs 24 hours or 8 hours. The Aseptic Plus+ is held in a 700ml reservoir and is pumped in minuscule amounts into a diffuser which transforms the liquid into micro cold vapour. The vapour is then pumped out of the unit and into the airspace where it begins work immediately. These micro particles of vapour condense on to airborne and surface microorganisms resulting in dramatic bacterial and virus reduction. We provide an effective response to the biological contagions within your indoor space. 

    Has it been tested in the UK?

    Tests done in a Private Hire Minibus fitted with Aseptic Plus+ and used on council contracts returned a total reduction of all living organisms (fungi, yeast, mould, bacteria) of 99.85%. Test were carried out by Cavendish Laboratories, a UKAS accredited laboratory. For full results click the Read more button.

    How much is a quarterly refill?

    It's £59 inc. VAT to refill.

    Is it safe?

    Based on toxicity data there are no endpoints of concern for oral, dermal or inhalation exposure to the product. All components appear in the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) inventory. 

    How does it protect my space?

    Using cutting edge cold micro-vapour technology, the always-on Aseptic Plus+ air and surface sanitising system continuously and effectively reduces airborne and surface germs in the entire airspace volume. Our system is lightweight, unobtrusive and completely programmable to suit your sanitisation needs. 

    Can you install at my place of work?

    Vehicle fitting must be done at our site at the moment, but we are working on a network of UK installers. Fitting time is no longer than one and a half hours. 

    What do the authorities say?

    We have spoken to most places, all accept this as a 'duty of care' product. Many councils are talking to us regarding fitments to the vehicles.

    What about if I change vehicles?

    The unit can be moved from vehicle to vehicle but we have to reprogram the unit to the new vehicle. It's around £150 to swap.

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