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Trevor Mullett

By Trevor Mullett

4 July 2020

AOP technology sanitises the air like no other, killing 99% of sneeze germs.

It is the most effective, affordable solution available in the UK to clean and purifiy the air. Our units are small, practical products and can be installed in an a wide range number of applications such as vehicles and buildings.  

New York Times (June 2020)

The New York Times covered how this technology is coming for the coronavirus, and is already installed in the New York Subway.

  • The full story is here.

New York Times on AOP

BBC (July 2020)

Although this article doesn't specifically mention our product it clearly highlights the need for a solution that combats airborne transmission of contaminants and viruses. AOP technology destroys the tiny particles suspended in the air and is the best solution for those seeking guaranteed pure, safe air in the working environment.

  • The full story is here.

BBC news website

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