Active Oxidation Plasma Technology

The AOP system has been in development since the early 1990s and originates from the US. AOP (Active Oxidation Plasma) is a highly effective, instantaneous sanitisation method which has been mastered and compacted into small, practical products which we can install in an unlimited number of applications. Our system uses a patented Photohydroionisation technology which significantly reduces odours, pollutants, VOCs, smoke, mould, bacteria and viruses in the indoor and in-vehicle airspace and surfaces. 

  • Fast installation

  • 12 month guarantee

  • No refilling required: long-lasting consumables up to 25,000 hours

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Unbeatable Protection Against Viruses

The AOP cell creates an active oxidation plasma compromising hydroperoxides, superoxide ions and hydroxide ions which occur naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere. The AOP is enriched onto the airstream in HVAC systems or as a standalone unit and is distributed throughout the entire property or vehicle continuously breaking down and destroying organic pollutants in every cubic cm of the indoor air and surface space on contact. After purifying the air and surfaces the plasma converts back to oxygen and water vapour, completely harmless to humans in both forms. Compared to traditional passive air purifiers which only filter or purify the air as it passes through a chamber with no guarantee that all pollutants will be purified in the first pass and which allow the air to be re-contaminated as soon as it leaves the unit, this integrated technology is far more strategically effective. The benefit of the AOP technology is that it uses long lasting consumables and the cell itself is the only part that needs replacing at a low cost every 18,000 to 25,000 hours.

Why Use Photohydroionisation Technology?

Germicidal UV light rays have been used for decades by the medical industry as a method for destroying micro-organisms (germs, viruses, bacteria). UV light is dependable and can be easily installed in HVAC systems. Germicidal UV light is effective in reducing only the airborne micro-organisms that pass directly though the UV rays. However, germicidal UV light has little to no effect on gases, vapours or odours. Photo hydro-ionisation Advanced Oxidation, which is an active system on the other hand, is very effective on gasses, vapours, volatile organic compounds and odours within the treated area. Unlike UV light technology alone, this system uses the UV light as a catalyst which emits its radiation onto a coated cell releasing the plasma into the air space which travels throughout the entirety of the area, treating all of the air and every surface exposed to it.

The Sneeze Test

A test was undertaken to reproduce a human sneeze within a controlled environment. A three-foot chamber was set up. At one end of the chamber was the machine that reproduces the human sneeze and at the other end was petri dishes. The idea of the test was to release bacteria in the same volume at the same speed as a human sneeze would produce and analyse the bacteria collected on the petri dishes, one test with no protection and one test whereby the sneeze would travel over the AOP technology to see what instantaneous effect it would have on the bacteria. A sneeze can travel at up to 100mph, so lung capacity, sneeze pressure and liquid volume had to be taken into consideration to properly simulate a sneeze. This was accomplished and the test proceeded with outstanding results. An average reduction of 99% of sneeze germs was achieved with Photo hydro-ionisation in a double-blind test at three feet from the sneeze source. That is an almost 100% eradication of the bacteria from a sneeze. People sneeze everywhere and regularly which travels through the air and spreads onto a wide surface area within the vicinity. Normal cleaning procedure never covers all surfaces where these types of germs would penetrate and rest but by using the AOP system, as per the test results, this is totally effective in taking care of every surface area.


  • Lightweight, robust, long life unit
  • Operating levels set based on cubic meters and air saturation levels
  • Effective odour neutraliser
  • Programmable on and off times for full automation removing the need for any human intervention
  • Uses patented AOP technology
  • No refills required, cells last for up to 25,000 hours of use
  • Low electricity consumption – highly efficient


How does it work?

The AOP technology is mounted within HVAC systems or as a stand-alone unit. Within the unit is a UV light which emits radiation onto a specially coated surface acting as a catalyst which creates the plasma. The Active Oxidation Plasma is then distributed into the airspace killing micro-organisms on contact in the air and across all surfaces, converting back to oxygen and water vapour thereafter.

Is it safe?

AOP technology has been tested in many different applications by various laboratories and is 100% safe concerning human exposure. This technology is approved by the EPA (US) and is in use in many sectors such as medical care facilities all over the world.

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